Katrin Herlbauer

Domgasse 6

4020 Linz



DanubeDerbyDuds is based in Linz an der Donau, Austria (that's where the Danube in DDD comes from) and specialised in Roller Derby supply, such as custom armbands, helmet covers, decals, accessories,...


My name is Kathi aka Turbonegra aka kate.wreckinsane and I founded DDD in 2016, just one year after co-founding Austrias second Roller Derby Team Linz Roller Derby. Because of the lack of suppliers in continental europe (and especially in the german speaking area), I decided to start my own little derby shop. I'm proud to say that by June '17, each austrian team is equipped with DDD-products.


My aim is to provide high quality products, fast processing of orders, fulfilling every customers' wish and therefore offering excellent customers service. All products are handmade in Austria and solely by myself.


Sewing and crafting is not only my hobby but also my fulltime job, meaning that I'm not (only) a self taught tailor ;) The non-roller-derby-me works at the local opera house. After attending fashion school, I immediately started working at theaters, meaning that 19/20 is the 12th season as dresser and working with costumes.


Please don't hesitate getting in contact if you have any questions!


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